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Capestokey Panini


Way too much flavor in this sandwich... spicy Capicola ham, tangy basil pesto, smoked turkey, whipped cream cheese, provolone, and salty parmesan pressed flat and served toasty!

Classic Meatball Sub


Tasty beef & pork meatballs smothered in our homemade red sauce, shredded parmesan & melted mozzarella on a toasted hoagie—classic.

Emma Jean


The sandwich that started it all! Capicola ham, Genoa salami, & pepperoni with provolone, yellow bell pepper, black olives, tomato, & melted mozzarella finished with our unique Cucumber Wasabi sauce on a toasted hoagie.

French Beef Dip


Why let the French have all the fun? This toasted hoagie is filled with a quarter pound of juicy roast beef, melted provolone cheese, & caramelized onions; served with a spicy Italian jus for dipping.

Italian Grinder


A toasted hoagie filled with spicy Capicola ham, Genoa salami, zesty pepperoni, mayonnaise, Italian dressing, shredded lettuce, tangy tomato, and spicy pepperoncini... grinder lovers rejoice!

Sweet Pepper B.L.T


Texas toast filled with delicious sweet pepper bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato...a classic done better.

The Hat Trick


Three cheers for triple proteins! Capicola ham, smoked turkey, and roast beef topped with melted American and provolone cheeses, shredded lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, creamy mayo, & spicy brown mustard on a toasted hoagie!

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